Pole Divas Competition

This competition no longer runs.

Poletastic and Pole Play teamed up to launch Pole Divas, the UK's first official National Pole Fitness Competition.

About Pole Divas

Pole Divas was launched in 2006 to raise awareness of pole dance in the UK. The competition commemorates excellence in pole dance by celebrating strength, flexibility and performance.

The event hopes to boost the reputation of pole dancing by promoting it as a fun and entertaining activity to boost health and fitness. People of all ages can enjoy pole dancing and by continuing to promote it, we hope pole dance will eventually be considered alongside Salsa, Tango and the other great dances.

Becoming a Pole Diva

Participating dancers must attend regional heats. The regional winners of these events are then invited to compete for the title of Pole Diva at a grand final in Manchester. If you’re interested in becoming a Pole Diva, please visit the website to find out about next year’s competition.