Pole dancing private & corporate hire

Pole dancing hire

Poletastic Events

Poletastic can provide entertainment for events of all types from private parties to film and media work. Poletastic dancers are always sociable and seek to make their performances fun and entertaining. We want to make your event a memorable one for everyone involved.

    * Private Parties
    * Nightclubs
    * Promotional and Launch Events
    * TV and Film
    * Music Videos and Concerts
    * Corporate Team Building Days

Private Parties
    * Pole Shows and Demonstrations
    * Pole Dancing Classes
We can cater for parties of all sizes from small, private affairs to large corporate functions. Dancers can provide entertainment in the form of pole shows as well as offering pole dancing classes to anyone who’s keen to learn in a more interactive environment!

For more information about how to engage our dancers for Private Parties contact us.

    * Pole Shows and Demonstrations
    * Podium Pole Dancers
Our dancers provide fantastic show! By means of amazing tricks and inversions they defy the force of gravity to bring to you a remarkable show full of fun, entertainment and stunning displays of endurance and skill. They can be hired to perform a complete show including demonstrations or as podium pole dancers to dance throughout the night, entertaining clubbers until the early hours of the morning.

For more information about how to book our dancers for your clubnight contact us.

Promotional and Launch Events
    * Pole Shows and Demonstrations
    * Pole Dancing Instructors
What better way to attract attention to your product or venue than by enticing people to come along and watch some amazing feats of strength and skill during demonstrations by our highly trained pole dancers?! With their performances choreographed to the highest standard our dancers are able to hold a crowd fixed for hours while you wow them with your latest business plan and we can guarantee that your venue will be remembered long after the show is over!
Poletastic instructors are friendly and welcoming ensuring that they encourage anyone and everyone to take part in the fun. We can provide sessions of instruction where visitors to the venue or launch can come and have a go to see how they fair against the professionals!

For more information about how to book our dancers for your event contact us.

TV and Film
    * Pole Dancing Instructors
    * Pole Dancers
    * Podium Dancers
Our instructors are highly qualified and well educated in the health and safety side of pole dancing to ensure that everyone who takes part does so safely. They can train actors or actresses in the art of pole dance within a short period of time through our crash course developed especially for the film and TV industries. They will train them to a level you require and provide choreography on the day of filming to ensure that everything meets with your standards.
Dancers are available to take part in filming for all types of media including film and TV. They can perform routines in the background or even full on shows if necessary. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll do our best to meet them to the highest standard possible.

For more information about how to engage our instructors and dancers contact us.

Music Videos and Concerts
    * Pole Dancing Instructors
    * Podium Pole Dancers

What better way to get your band or artist noticed than by creating a music video and what better way to attract attention than to include our dancers in your filming! Our instructors are available to train any artist in pole dancing through our specially designed crash course. The dancers themselves can provide an amazing backing scene to any film angle or stage set up.

For more information about how to book our instructors and dancers contact us.

Corporate Team Building Days
    * Pole Dancing Instructors
A typical Team Building Day features a two-hour pole dancing session and is tailored exclusively to meet your needs. We'll teach you some great confidence-boosting pole dancing techniques, starting with some basic spins, swings and static holds. We then choreograph these basic tricks into a fantastic routine, complete with transitional moves and some floor work.  By now everyone will be ready to show off their moves and after a little practice, it’s time to strut their stuff.  This session is designed to move individuals out of their comfort zone in a safe, supportive environment and bring the group together by means of a rip-roaring good time.

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  • "Fay makes you feel confident, sexy and really good about yourself. The classes are fun and a great laugh; I would recommend them to everybody."
  • Faye